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Cyprus Trip Guide

Cyprus Trip Guide Cyprus is among the top three of the islands of the Mediterranean; The Republic of Turkey, is located in the south. It consists of two different nationalities; The eastern and northern regions of Cyprus became the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in 1983. Due to the lack of a passport and visa for Turkish citizens, it is a popular holiday destination.

There are many historical and natural beauties such as Girne Castle which is the symbol of the island at the beginning of the list of places to visit in Cyprus. Cyprus Trip Guide .

Kyrenia Castle-Cyprus Trip Guide

The castle dates back to the Hellenistic Roman period. The castle which the Ottoman Empire took in 1570; It was started to be used as a museum after Cyprus. Within the castle There are 10 museums and rooms to visit, including the St. George Church.

Bellapais Monastery

The monastery built in Girne between 1158 and 1205 carries the traces of gothic architecture; The scenery leaves everyone admired.

The best examples of Gothic architecture are the walls of the Bellapais Monastery, including mermaids, cats, men, women, monkeys and monks.

The monastery, which now has rooms used as a concert hall, should be included in the list of places to visit in Cyprus. Cyprus Trip Guide

St. Hilarion Castle

It was built on the northern side of the Beşparmak Mountains. St. From the Hilarion Castle, it is possible to see the city of Kyrenia.

Although the road to be reached by the castle is rugged, you must definitely go to the castle; you should be amazed at what difficulties and how people build this castle in time.

Buffavento Castle

The name of the castle comes from Buffa di vento in Italian; one of the three castles on the island and the highest. It is thought to be used to communicate because the castle is located in the middle of the other castles as the location.

Kantara Castle

The castle built on the Beşparmak mountains; It was built during the Byzantine period to protect itself from Arab raids.

Salamis Ruins

Another point in the list of places to visit in Cyprus is the Salamis Ruins.

As a result of many years of research, the ancient city of Salamis dates back to the 11th century BC. Cyprus Trip Guide.

According to researches conducted by archaeologists, Tuzla Village, also known as Enkomi, was reported to have emigrated and founded the city of Salamis after a severe earthquake in 1075 BC.

St. Barnabas Church and Monastery

The last stop on the list of places to visit in Cyprus Barnabas Church and Monastery.

The name of the church and the monastery Barnabas is the son of a rich Jewish family living in Salimis. After completing his education in Jerusalem, he returned to his country and started his studies in order to spread Christianity. Cyprus Trip Guide.

He was killed by his own people for his work on disseminating Christianity. Barnabas’ body is secretly taken by his disciple and buried in an underground cave with the Bible. 432 years after the burial of the body, a bishop who dreamed of the place of the grave was helped by the dream of finding the body and helped to establish a church and a monastery there.

Cyprus Trip Guide

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