Kyrenia Taxi Service

Passengers who want to travel by taxi demand comfort, luxury, safe travel, experience and a good driver. In this context, Cyprus offers all the features of the taxi passengers in Kyrenia. All the necessary comfort and service is offered to customers who request a taxi by keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground.

Girne Taxi Service

The priority of customers in the taxi industry is always the safety and quality of service. The characteristics of the taxi driver, which the passenger rides on, are always experienced, well-trained, masters of advanced driving techniques, respecting traffic rules, respecting people, respecting the environment and mastering the world’s common language.

The desired features of the vehicle; comfort, security, luxury and comfort. Kyrenia taxi customers have managed to bring together all these sought after features. It continues its service with years of experience.

Tax Services in Kyrenia Region

Kyrenia taxi always accepts customer satisfaction and safety as its priority and takes all necessary measures in line with this mission and offers to its customers with satisfaction.

With the latest model vehicles in the fleet, Kyrenia offers taxi service and always takes customer satisfaction into consideration.

Customers who request a taxi service are sent to the region in the fastest way and customers are never kept waiting, the customer is not allowed to be victimized. The taxi information sent to the customer is transmitted quickly.

If customers specify the criteria they expect from a taxi, they will be provided with a taxi service. For example; like baby seats. The baby seat is mounted on the vehicle before the vehicle is sent to the customer’s address and the customer is provided with detailed information on this service.

Customers who want to help themselves in the taxi service they want to know the foreign language if they want the driver to speak a foreign language is allocated to them, and in this regard before the taxi is sent to the customer is informed.

In all vehicles sent to customers, air conditioning, telephone charge and similar services are also available.

Customer happiness

All the comfort and service that will make the customers demanding taxi service feel as if they are VIP customers are offered to them.

The drivers who provide taxi services are the most experienced and demanding customers as well as the traffic rules.

Cyprus offers all the comfort and convenience to its customers in the taxi service, as in all other taxi services of the taxi. Customers who take taxi services feel as if they are traveling as if they are getting a chauffeur service. Since this important privilege is offered to customers, positive returns are always received from customers.

It includes all the features determined by the instructions of the taxi drivers.

-Girne region of all districts, streets and streets, who knows

  • Hospital, holiday villages, hotels, cafes, shopping centers, squares, housing sites

It is operated by drivers.

In the event that the customers want, they are also provided with a variety of features such as television, bar service, luxury passenger cars with large passenger capacity.

Customer demands are always taken correctly and in this direction, the service is offered in accordance with the demands of the customer.

Kyrenia Taxi

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