Prices written here are not up to date! Please contact for current prices. Due to changing fuel prices, transfer prices are constantly updated.
Nicosia130 TLNicosia320 TLNicosia630 TL
Alsancak200 TLAlsancak370 TLAlsancak630 TL
Arapköy180 TLArapköy370 TLArapköy630 TL
Bellapais180 TLBellapais370 TLBellapais630 TL
Çatalköy200 TLÇatalköy370 TLÇatalköy630 TL
Doğanköy180 TLDoğanköy370 TLDoğanköy630 TL
Edremit200 TLEdremit370 TLEdremit630 TL
Girne 180 TLGirne 370 TLGirne 630 TL
Ilgaz200 TLIlgaz370 TLIlgaz630 TL
Karaman200 TLKaraman370 TLKaraman630 TL
Karaoğlanoğlu200 TLKaraoğlanoğlu370 TLKaraoğlanoğlu630 TL
Kyrenia180 TLKyrenia370 TLKyrenia630 TL
Ozanköy180 TLOzanköy370 TLOzanköy630 TL
Esentepe200 TLEsentepe370 TLEsentepe630 TL
Bahçeli220 TLBahçeli370 TLBahçeli630 TL
Karşıyaka210 TLKarşıyaka370 TLKarşıyaka630 TL
Tatlısu210 TLTatlısu370 TLTatlısu630 TL
Lapta200 TLLapta370 TLLapta630 TL
Famagusta190 TLFamagusta370 TLFamagusta630 TL
İskele190 TLİskele370 TLİskele630 TL
Lefke-Güzelyurt330 TLLefke-Güzelyurt470 TLLefke-Güzelyurt630 TL
Limassol520 TLLimassol520 TL 630 TL
Larnaca320 TLBaf ( Paphos )620 TL 630 TL
Baf ( Paphos )620 TL   630 TL