Nicosia Transfer A special welcome ceremony is the source of prestige for your company. The transfer service meets your special guests with luxury chauffeured vehicles. Our transfer company, which provides excellent welcome organization on your behalf, carries your guests to the address you want. Our transfer service, which brings together the luxury and comfortable vehicle options of the automobile world, continues at any time of the day. In this service, our experienced driver staff serves. You need to call us 24/7 to transfer to Nicosia Transfer.

Our fleet is luxurious and comfortable-Nicosia Transfer

These luxurious vehicles with luxurious interior design are used by experienced and experienced drivers. Our Vip style Mercedes Sprinter brand vehicles are furnished in uber style. Special seats, fridge, television and special furniture options are not forgotten. These special vehicles do not reflect the bad weather outside and have air conditioning and heating. Thanks to its special suspension system, it does not feel road fatigue. Nicosia transfer sector specific full plus full features, these vehicles are designed for a luxurious and comfortable journey.

Our vehicles do not cause any problems in terms of taxes, insurance and inspection. Official transactions are followed by our company. We thought of everything so you could travel safely in traffic. Our drivers have src and psychotechnical certificates. In addition, we have a professional Nicosia transfer driver staff in the category of intercity and intercity transportation. Our Nicosia transfer vehicle fleet carries your guests to the address you want. We can arrange a city tour for your guests. This tour, especially organized for tourists, is the most preferred service in the world of tourism.

Our Vehicle Fleet is Always Serviceable

Industrial maintenance, vehicle cleaning, tire control, oil and water control are carried out prior to transfer service. Problems during transport are determined in advance. Passenger and vehicle safety is one of the most important issues for us. Our team, who is experienced in safe transportation in traffic, follows the new regulations. Changes in the sector are immediately included in the service program.

At the airport transfer service, we welcome your guests at the exit. Our drivers, who receive the necessary training in the dialogue with the customer, provide a welcome service with a banner. On the exit, our drivers write your guest’s name on a poster. The problems that may arise are solved by telephone.