Famagusta transfer Safe, comfortable, comfortable vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art high technology and experienced

driver transfers are one of the most requested services after exhausting and boring aircraft journeys.

Choice of Passengers Who Wants to Travel with Privileges- Famagusta transfer

Famagusta transfer provides many years of experience in the transfer of passengers for the safety and comfort of its passengers.

When the vehicle and driver are requested via the transfer to Famagusta Transfer,

the attendant waits for the passengers at the exit door,

then the passengers are welcomed by the driver waiting at the exit door after their luggage and accompanied to the vehicle.

If the transfer is requested, Vip transfers the names of the occupant passengers with a sign.

Passengers are provided to reach their vehicles very quickly.

Unlimited Transfer Service

If the shuttle transfer is booked by Famagusta transfer, the personnel in the exit door are also waiting to be supported.

It is among the priorities for the passengers to quickly transfer to the taxi,

shuttle or the VIP vehicles they demand from the airport exit gate in the most comfortable and fast way.

If there is any problem at the meeting point with the staff, they are answered immediately and directed to the meeting point.

Transfer Fee

When booking through Cyprusstaksi.com or by phone calls to customer representatives, customers are not charged any pricing other than the fee.

Transfer prices never go beyond the fees mentioned in the forms filled in with the customers through the website.

This includes airport pick-up, bridges, highways, parking fees.

There is no additional charge in payments.

There are several different service options for passengers wishing to transfer to Famagusta.

You can choose the one that is most suitable for them and contact cyprusstaksi.com to help them choose the service they want.

Comfortable travel facilities are offered with the most reasonable and affordable options.

7/24 Service Concept

For passengers who want to transfer from Famagusta, 24/7 service is provided to the desired points. Privileged, comfortable, vip comfort of those

Who want to take care of the preferences have always been transferred to Famagusta.

There are unlimited internet connections, magazines and newspaper services in all vehicles offered to customers during the transfer.

If there are other issues that the customers also demand, arrangements and completions are made in line with the demands of the customers.

The drivers assigned to serve themselves are not only experienced drivers, but also people who are aware of the traffic rules, do not exceed the speed limits,

do not go beyond a certain frame with the customer, have basic training in foreign languages ​​and are sensitive to human and environment.

Customers are always happy to leave, all the necessary comfort, comfort, luxury is provided for themselves.

Customers who receive service once again prefer to receive continuous service on their next trip.

Customer satisfaction and security are the main focus of the transfer.