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Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are one of the tourist centers that have become popular with foreign tourists due to their location and climate. The sea and nature of Cyprus offer a relaxing holiday as well as a quiet holiday. Cyprus has great advantages in terms of transportation with its developed tourism approach. Located in Cyprus, Ercan Airport operates at sufficient capacity as a number of taxi transport.

General Features of Taxis in Cyprus

Cyprus is very different from the traditional model because of the tourism paradise. Taxi models are used in Cyprus where luxury cars are used rather than ordinary taxis. It is very easy to find a VIP taxi in Cyprus. Taxi drivers are also carefully selected as the taxiing profession is considered the tourism mirror of Cyprus.

In fact, in some senior companies, drivers are given a series of trainings before they start working. Another feature sought for people who serve as drivers in taxis is that they have mastery of cities all over the country and they have the knowledge and skills to guide the customers when necessary. Most of the taxi drivers serving in Cyprus are foreign languages. German automobile giant Mercedes E series and Mercedes Viano model taxis are also available.

Taxi Types in Cyprus

Tourism means diversity in service. In the areas where tourism is intense, normal services are diversified and become more rich. In this sense, the concept of Cyprus taxi also includes many innovations and diversity.

  • Classic taxi service: Classic taxi, taking you at the airport to take you to the desired accommodation is the name given to the service. The most important feature of the classic taxi according to ordinary taxis is the provision of vehicles according to the number of people. For a family of 4, the Mercedes E-series is sufficient, while for groups of 6-8 or more people Mercedes Viano is preferred.
  • Daily taxi service: The scope of this service is even wider. With the taxi driver you rent daily, you can take you to the place of the island. At this point, it is very important that the taxi driver is equipped. In daily taxi service, drivers and vehicles are carefully selected and put into service.

Taxi Communication And Prices

At the point of obtaining a taxi, the Cyprus taxi also offers many innovations to its customers. An appointment can be made independently of the classic taxi system. There are no shortage of taxis around the airports, however, customers who want to secure their business can reach their taxis on an appointment via the internet and make appointments by contacting them before the date of arrival in order to avoid having to worry about finding a taxi. You can make an appointment via the Internet and make an appointment via Whatsapp and phone.

Taxi prices can be more economical in some cases compared to Cyprus taxi and community transportation. The Cyprus taxi, which is cheaper and cheaper than public transportation according to the direction and time of arrival, offers a convenience to its customers with an appointment system that cannot be found in public transportation.

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